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That said, the final Ranger isn't too shabby either.

Miles Morales' black and red Spider-Man costume morphs (see what we did there?

He also forgoes the classic Power Rangers helmet, but no one is going to argue with going with his trademark mask.

Next up is Jessica Drew's Spider-Woman, who takes the role of the Yellow Ranger.

Over 800 episodes have been produced the franchise and there is no clear end in sight as the 24th series, #Power Rangers Ninja Steel, has just started.

To get fans even more excited it has also been hinted that the past two Power Ranger teams to use a ninja theme are set to appear in the show, namely the Alien Rangers and the Ninja Storm Rangers.

O'Hara's suit is perfect for the Blue Ranger, as his suit was also mostly blue with a few red accents.

Meet the Marvel Power Rangers mashup "Spider Rangers", which takes the spotlight on a new shirt from RIPT apparel.There are already talks afoot for as many as seven follow-up movies in this franchise, if the first film does well.We don't know any more than that, but clearly Lionsgate has high hopes for this one. And relative newcomer Dacre Montgomery has landed the role of Jason, the Red Ranger.Elizabeth Banks will attempt to make her costumes look muted as the pointy-clothes-clad villain Rita Repulsa, another recognisable name to fans of the original television series.

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