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In the end, a lawsuit was filed against the leasing company who then agreed to settle the case to the tune of 5 million. General Douglas Mac Arthur reuniting for the very last time with former President Sergio Osmeña in July, 1961. The five-star general was on a “sentimental journey” to the Philippines to celebrate the country’s 15th anniversary of independence. _ Before our present "Makabagong Alpabetong Filipino",we had the "Abakada"way before that,our native writing is in "Baybayin" script which later on mistakenly renamed as "Alibata"-(which is derived from the first 3 letters of the arabic alphabet.)notice that vowels are single letters only while consonants consist of 2 letters each and they always end with a vowel.

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Aside from the fact that one of the pilots didn’t follow the missed approach procedure, the firm also discovered that the aging aircraft–originally operated by Southwest Airlines–was leased by the US-based Fleet Business Credit Corporation to Air Philippines without providing the latter with the In other words, the plane was already in the “junkyard” when the leasing company, obviously motivated by profits alone, allowed Air Philippines to start using it in 1999. Three months later, Osmeña died of pulmonary edema at the Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City. Almost 17 years before their final reunion in Cebu, Mac Arthur and Osmeña made their historic landing in Leyte. When the old and ailing Osmeña asked why it had taken Mac Arthur so long to return again, the latter reportedly leaned over and whispered to the retired Philippine president: Aside from the Leyte landing, Douglas Mac Arthur also led two other landings Mac Arthur earlier arrived in the Philippines with his wife via Kennedy’s presidential plane. It was definitely from his mother that the young Rizal first learned the value of education; Doña Teodora, after all, was one of the most refined women of her generation. In fact, she was an alumna of Colegio de Santa Rosa in Intramuros where she learned how to speak excellent Spanish, developed her love of poetry, and nurtured her skills in mathematics.

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