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WARNING: this material includes graphic descriptions of cannibalism and other practices that are extremely offensive.

Be advised that it is not suitable reading for children or those who find the nature of the events too disturbing. I get off just thinking about it all, so why do I need to risk putting it down on paper?

Well, the truth is, it's ten times more of a rush when I put it into words.

Furthermore, some of my overnight guests will probably appreciate a little background info. I never expected to receive a serious response to either of the ads.

The real question at this point is not whether I am serious, but whether you are who you say you are and actually aspire to such an experience.

I believe neither of us can be satisfied on these points until we have met in person. If it turns out that you are as represented and wish to go through with this adventure, we will then have to work out the details by which you sever all ties with your current life.

The other response was from an irate "born again Christian" who used up several lines of misspelled and badly typed verbiage to castigate me for worshiping false gods (or in this case, goddesses). I had so much fun with that first ad, I decided to try it again. Prefer someone who will enjoy participating in the planning, preparations and pre-banquet orgy.

Living with me may or may not involve sex, as you prefer, but the banquet itself should include a spectacular orgy in which your body is made available for carnal pleasure to any and all guests prior to your slaughter.I answered her inquiry cautiously and saved all subsequent correspondence to cover myself, just in case it was someone looking to set a trap. I am twenty-four years old, 5' 6', 125 lbs, 36C-24-36 and am attaching a photo that was taken of me by a boyfriend last summer at a private beach. Here is what I envision: a barbecue in which you are presented to a select group of guests for intimate examination, then slaughtered and cooked in a manner reflecting the highest standards of the culinary arts.I'm slim, but not thin, and have firm, nicely shaped boobs. You will then be consumed — tender and steaming — by all present.What would happen if I advertised for a human dinner the way Armin did? She had spotted the ad that ran on the internet site. I am intrigued by your ad for a female to be meat for a banquet. I have been reading stories about girls being cooked and eaten for years and am fascinated by the concept.The fact that she had visited such a site (it features stories of torture, rape and the occasional tale of cannibalism) was encouraging — assuming she was for real. The idea is so exciting I cannot control my body's responses when I think about it. You are certainly young enough and I can see that you are very beautiful and well proportioned, if that is an actual and recent picture of you.

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