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, only without the irritating dancing they do in the opening credits, podcasts will be there for you.

They're the buddy that walks you to the subway, rides shotgun on a long drive, and gives you something to do when you're not watching of you.

Callers record questions for Savage, and he cycles through the best ones and often brings in experts to help him dissect an issue.

There's no bigger sex evangelist in America than Dan Savage, and even if you have no desire to open up your relationship, listening to the This episode of the Buzz Feed podcast tackles that burning question as seriously as anyone possibly could.

in the same title sounds like it might be horrifying, but not so in this podcast.

British writer Jamie Morton's dad penned a porn novel, and he and his friends assemble to read highlights from one chapter each week.

"The Intimacies" was submitted in writing by an anonymous dominatrix and turned into audio gold by producer Julia Alsop.

It chronicles the struggle of a sex worker in keeping her personal life separate from her work giving hand jobs and masturbating for strangers.

A few years in, the project fell into the hands of host Kaitlin Prest and senior producer Mitra Kaboli, who steered the content toward great narrative storytelling that honored the show's past. This is a podcast for couples that don't always fit a traditional position in the bedroom.The reasons vary -- some are recovering from a difficult breakup, others are abiding by religious mandates, and a few have decided it's just not worth it.In a sex-obsessed world, it's comforting to hear a show devoted to the idea of celibacy.It's fun, titillating, and opinionated -- a perfect conversation starter for new couples or seasoned pairs looking to add a little luster. Discussing all angles of the gay scene with frankness, curious queers will take great comfort in Isaac, Nu Britt, and the Victator as friendly guides.New York City has an amplifying effect on dating; it's like any other city, except that already-short attention spans are about a tenth as long.

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