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I started feeling how much fear my act will bring with her.If I’m behaving like this at her home and while her husband is in hall, what she will think about me and my behavior in my home.Now nobody has courage to talk openly about swap or anything related to our plan.We never attempted to go closer with other couples at this moment in front of other couple.She turned her head towards her right as I’m standing there and gently with a cute smile “Yes Rajesh? As I’m standing left side of her, I could see her side beauty, her silky open waist/hip area is glowing like anything.Gentle breeze from somewhere is slightly moving the saree away from her waist belly making a cave like opening between her saree and her belly.

Harini called Swathi separately and Swathi left the hall and went with Harini to kitchen, I could see that Harini started explaining, showing the kitchen items and its grocery item location to Swathi, and she took Swathi to other areas of home and made her to accustom to house, electronics, washer, dryer etc.

As soon as they opened the door, noticed Harini with her traditional and sexy saree attire and said within myself “oh my god, she is damn sexy”.

I could see the same with Vinod’s face seeing Swathi.

I got distracted from my thought with her serious look on me.

I said to her “I’m extremely sorry” and I just put heads down and started walking to hall.

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