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A lot of men took great pleasure in watching her videos. Alfred gave her the generosity to speak when she wanted to speak. "I'll let the other two introduce themselves to you. She wasn't the first defiant victim to laugh at his name. "Believe me, I'm going to fight you every step of the way. I'm happy to hear that." Alfred's face showed excitement Leah noticed.

To those few depraved individuals, it wasn't so much as what she was interested in, but how she always looked in front of camera. Of course, most of her male viewers would leave lewd comments about her and what they would like to do to her. She would ignore them or make a joke about it, and would immediately go back to talking about her favorite video games. She tried to come up with a plan to get out of this situation. "I'm going to tell you what's going to happen next. Just a warning: It may be a little difficult for you to take in." "I don't care what you have planned for me. Let me give you a warning, fucker: You come near me, put one finger on me, you're going to die! That's how he treated all his victims on the first day. "The first thing I will tell you, which is inevitable, is that you will be raped." Alfred said this with a serious tone. Now she knew she was going to have to kill this guy and whoever else was behind her kidnapping. You can call me Alpha." Leah couldn't help herself. It may have sounded like a name he made up for himself, but that was his actual nickname. I won't give you a chance to do whatever it is you or your sick buddies have in store for me." Leah snapped back. It kind of freaked her out."There's one thing you should know about us Leah: we take extreme amount of pleasure in torturing beautiful, young, talented ladies, such as yourself."Leah's fear returned after hearing Alfred's statement.

On view occasions, she would encounter creeps who hit on her and would "accidentally" feel her up. This only prepared her to fight back with everything she's got. Although it originally was spelled "A-l-f-a," Alfred preferred "A-l-p-h-a." He thought it was appropriate for the occasion. "It may sound unusual, but you will learn to call me Master Alpha soon enough." That's all it took for Leah to drop to the ground laughing hysterically. "Honestly," Alfred said, "I'm glad you can laugh about it now. So get it out while you still can." Alfred's statement didn't bother Leah. Alfred waited once again for her to compose herself. And after doing this for a long time, it is truthfully easier for you ladies. Although the fire was still in her eyes, she was afraid if she looked at him any longer, she would start to cry.

When that would happen, those creeps would have the unpleasant misfortune of finding out about Leah's training in mixed martial arts. "I have to say, it is a pleasure to meet you, Leah. I can't tell you how excited I am at this moment." "Sorry if I don't feel the same way, asshole! "Well, I would be lying if I said, 'I won't take any pleasure from kicking your ass! She was under the impression this guy wasn't serious; this whole thing was a joke. "Now that you know what to expect, here are some ground rules. If me or any of my friends find out you were trying to escape, we will punish you severely. But just to humor you, if everything we expect on the days to come is met, then it will definitely be, without a doubt, worth it." Alfred opened the door and was about to exit, when he faced Leah again. When Leah realized what he was waiting for, she tried to answer, but no sound came out.

After Kenny was satisfied with everything he put on his cart, he shut the closet and rolled it over to the middle of the room. Once he pushed it all the way open, no one moved a muscle. Kenny's aim with the whip grew more accurately over the years. " "That's what I thought." With that Kenny whipped away the remaining articles of clothing. He whipped her three more times in order to whip away everything off, leaving her completely naked. Leah didn't want to believe that she was hanging there naked in front of a very disturbed individual. Kenny used that strap to encircle Leah's right knee. She was glad Kenny stopped but was more disappointed. She thought he might as well have finished since he started. You're probably wondering why I'm being so nice all of a sudden." "Nice!? She hated how she couldn't form words because of the ring gag. She even tried to tell him she would blow him if he freed her. Her restraints still did its job in keep her contained and immobile. She lost her concentration again when a third shock came. Leah was feeling defeated when Kenny spoke once again. I would love prolong your efforts but I got things to do before the day is over. Leah closed her eyes and produced more tears, nodding to his question. Apha also added a small-inflated balloon there that slowly deflated. Her mind was preoccupied on what happened yesterday. What Leah went through was, without a doubt, the very worst day of her life.

Next, Kenny reached up towards the ceiling to bring down several chains. She was surprised she didn't even notice them up there! They just stood there looking at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. You probably thought I was going to charge at ya, huh? Especially when the target is moving uncontrollably. She never thought she would be whipped by a sadistic psychopath. She really didn't want him to hear her scream again. She mustered up all the will power she had to keep from losing it. He liked the way her ass wasn't big but it wasn't small either. He grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing them hard. After securing it, he pulled the other end of the chain, which resulted in her right knee rising until it was next to her right tit. "Like I said bitch: it's not gonna be that easy." Kenny spat on her face. It was tormenting her just as much that she lost the ability to shout at her kidnapper. Again, thanks to the gag, nothing she said made sense. "It's up to you how long you want to stay like that. That's a promise." As much as Leah was horrified, she understood what she had to do to end this agony. To her surprise, the shocks mixed with the vibrations and concentration, helped her receive some pleasure from it. With Leah's hope rising, she went back to concentrating. Even with Kenny talking, Leah kept her mind on point. Since you did most of the work, I'll take you to the finish line." With the remote at hand, Kenny increased the vibrations to the max. At the rate of its deflation, Leah would be able to eject the vibrator from her ass in a little over an hour. Everything about it caused her extreme amount of mental and emotional pain.

Author's Note: The main fictional character is based on a real character. He relied on his strict discipline to help him be patient and execute his plan at the right time.

I decided to do this because I felt it would've been weird to use the real character as the protagonist. His latest plan, however, took longer than usual because of his victim's high profile.

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Alfred Aimes stood outside the cage, staring at his latest possession. No, Alfred was meticulous when it came to having his way with his victims.Of all the kidnappings they've done, this was definitely the hardest! They agreed they would love to get their hands on her, but they were afraid of the big risk that would come along with it. Just looks like an average Joe you wouldn't recognize in a crowd. As hard as it is to believe, we do care for your well-being. Alfred knew she would fight back the moment the opportunity presented itself. Not famous as in Hollywood famous, but famous enough to be noticed by quite a few people. "Yet, you can say what he lacks in sophistication, he makes up for his 'work'."Leah had no idea what he meant by that. She remained silent, flashing him looks of anger and rebellion. Leah wasn't going to say anything at first, but then a question did pop up in her mind. She spent the entire night, finding any possible way to escape out of her cell. " Before Leah could figure out what that meant, she saw something coming over her head, and wrapping around her neck. With one quick motion, Kenny was choking Leah with the whip he used to strip off her clothes. She was kicking frantically from behind hoping to injure him. Say one word, and I will let you go." The body of the poor girl was shaking uncontrollably. He released her neck, this time pinching her nose shut while still forcing her head up by pulling on her hair. It amused him that she thought this small act of violation disgusted her immensely. He always took small steps of degradation with his "slaves". If you want them to truly feel it, you need to do it slowly, and finish it off with a slower twist of the blade. This time Kenny slowly dropped his spit into Leah's mouth. Didn't sound like "Yes, Master," Kenny thought, but it'll do. He concluded she had never done anal or stuck any object in there before.Alfred was the one who came up with the plan to abduct Leah. Because of her high profile, she would be missed and sought after until Leah was found. We would like to keep using you for our entertainment for as long as possible. He looked down at the 5 foot 5 beauty with lust in his eyes. He's been doing this for a long time, and knows how to handle girls like Leah. Her status was one of the biggest reasons why Alfred and his team decided to add her to their project. Alfred stepped away from the bars and went over to an icebox. Leah very much wanted to beat the life out of him and whoever else was involved. She checked every inch of the bars, wall, ground, and even the ceiling. The only thing she found was a small chip on the wall behind the bed that left a small indent. While most of her kicks did land on his legs, Kenny was not affected by it. Air was desperately needed but she was getting none of it. She gagged out loud, trying to get air to her lungs. You are too kind." Leah tried to kick him but her legs felt like they were getting heavier with each passing second. "The first thing a slave like you needs to learn, is to accept her Master. Leah's eyes got wider after realizing what Kenny had just did. If she thought this was bad, Kenny was looking forward to doing things to her that just might make her go into a catatonic state. Leah tried to spit it out but Kenny had a firm grip on her head. Since you're so grateful, here's another." Kenny accumulated more saliva this time. Leah could do nothing but accept it whether she liked it or not. "That's better." After Kenny's fingers were well lubricated thanks to Leah's wet pussy, he took it out, only to insert them in Leah's ass this time. History has taught him that girls, like Leah, made the best kind of slave a master could ever imagine. She loathed the idea of anyone or anything sticking something up her ass. The object was slowly and painfully stretching her. "You're probably happy I warmed up your ass before this, huh? He stood back up, leaving the object inside her ass. He sat down and explained what was supposed to happen next."Nnnnngh, mmmmgh, ugh..."Leah was slowly coming to. Leah was on her stomach when she rolled over to her side with a hand on her head, trying to massage the headache away. She quickly shuffled backwards to the nearby wall behind her. There was bed, a toilet with a sink, and a small mirror hanging on the wall. Leah saw something in his eyes that, admittedly, frightened her. She stood there facing him with noticeable anger on her face. He pressed his face between the bars, sticking and wiggling his tongue at her. You look like you're going to be my favorite outta them all." Leah tried to scratch his face but Kenny dodged it in time. He didn't open it far enough for Leah to see what was inside. If she wasn't successful at her attempt to subdue Kenny, then she was in for some serious trouble. Now, then..get you more 'situated'."Kenny approached Leah's cell door. Leah thought if she bobbed her head hard enough, the gag would fall out. He yanked her hair down from behind, forcing her head up. He pulled it all the way down along Leah's right side. I can't give him the satisfaction." Kenny once again disappeared behind Leah. "You don't mind if I use your juices to help me get in your ass easier, do you? Why thank you." Kenny once again buried his fingers deep inside Leah's wet pussy. Tears poured down Leah's face as she realized this was going to be pure hell. For now, she had to focus on getting through this ordeal. "Oh my God," Leah thought, "He's getting off from this! As if fate was making fun of her, another shock went off inside her ass, returning her to high alert. He unzipped his pants and out popped his raging hard cock. Leah hated the idea, but she had to dig deep, deep inside her, much like the penetrating, shocking vibrator, and concentrate on having an orgasm. Leah lost her concentration for a moment when Kenny spoke. I'm fucking tied up with a fucking vibrator in my ass! " Kenny could tell what she was thinking thanks to her expressions. It would be hard for you to get down in this position. If you can get that plug out of your ass all on your own, I'll let you down. " Leah responded the same way she has been responding. Leah was returned to her own hell she thought she left for good. Leah thought she could expel the object out of her before Kenny left the room but much to her disappointment it was impossible.Leah was scared when she saw a man she has never seen before inside a cage with bars separating the two of them. Upon further inspection, she realized the man in front of her wasn't the one in a cage, but it was her! Kenny knew just by looking at her, she was going to be promising. He stepped back a few steps and laughed."Whoa ho ho! Leah couldn't make out some of the things he took out. Leah suddenly realized she never mentally prepared herself for what may happen to her if she was unsuccessful at her escape! "By all means, you fucking prick, please come in." "Just as I thought: just another horny slut who can't wait to get started." With that, Kenny picked out the key from his set to open the cell door. His plan was to slowly whip away all of Leah's clothing until she was completely naked. The only thing she succeeded was causing more pain to her arms, which were still holding her body up. At the end of the chain he connected a thick-padded strap to it. Leah blinked rapidly to wipe his spit from her eye. "Gotta make sure I'm well-lubricated, otherwise you will definitely not enjoy this. Alpha has brought in plenty of prizes in the past but you are, by far, the most promising out of all of them. Leah pleaded with her eyes and moans for Kenny to just let her down. The object made her discover parts of her body she didn't even know existed. Leah now wanted more than anything to pull out the vibrator or, at the very least, run away from it. All of a sudden a painful shock erupted inside her ass, intensifying her pain immensely. Without wasting any more time, Leah concentrated on having an orgasm. He was the last person she was thinking of to help her cum. So if you wanna get out of here so badly, you're gonna have to do it yourself." "What do you mean 'do it by myself'? Little did she know, Kenny never mentioned the base of the vibrator.

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