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Excluded property is property that does not have to be included in a spouse’s net family property and the value of which is therefore not included in a determination of the equalization payment.For example, excluded property includes gifts or inheritances that are received during the marriage from a third party, so long as that money was not used towards the matrimonial home and was not inextricably co-mingled with the other spouse’s assets.All support orders, whether temporary or final, that are made in Ontario are automatically registered for enforcement by the Family Responsibility Office.

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5(6) of the Custody refers to the power to make major decisions regarding the upbringing of a child.

According to section 7 of the Spousal support rights and obligations can apply to both married and common law couples.

In a common law relationship, a party may have a right to spousal support if: a) They have a child or children together; or, b) They have been cohabiting for a period of more than three years.

Where the parents agree on joint custody, both parents must jointly agree on all major decisions relating to their child.

Residency, on the other hand, refers to where the child will live.

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