Two day rule in dating western dating traditons

In the United States, the estimated lifetime risk of contracting HIV is 1 in 16 for Black males and 1 in 30 for Black females.Compare that to the 1 in 104 risk for White males and the 1 in 588 risk for White females.Instead, we hold off and play it cool to make ourselves seem a little more mysterious and non-attached.Why this is bullshit: We’re not being authentic—which I never think is a great way to start a relationship, even a casual one.Now, I’m not saying that a relationship will fail miserably if a couple has sex after the first date or within the first month of dating because there are many examples that say contrary. What I am saying is that it wouldn’t hurt to wait, though? And aren’t we too old to still be playing these games with each other?There are two parts to this rule: #1: You have to wait three days to send a text or you may seem needy or “too interested.” #2: If you send a text message, and the other person does not respond, you shouldn’t send another message until the person responds to the first one.

Being a single mom wasn’t high on my list, but being without someone in my bed, … That lasted maybe three months—the not wanting someone in my bed.

So we meet someone we like, we exchange numbers and the games begin!

Here are some of the rules I’ve recently learned and personally think are total bullshit: You need to wait at least three days to get in touch with the person you had a date with.

Why we think it’s important: we don’t want to look desperate or appear that we’re actually into someone.

I mean, God forbid, let’s not reveal any feelings we may have.

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