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When configuring your server adapters be sure to uncheck the option to register the adapter in DNS so you don’t end up populating your DNS database with errant entries for your host servers.See for example: From each server ping the host interfaces to ensure connectivity.Part one will cover the initial configuration and setup of the servers and storage appliance.The scope: 2-node Hyper-V failover cluster with i SCSI shared storage for small scalable highly available network.In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

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Again, thankfully Microsoft has given us the option to switch between both versions with a powershell entry so you don’t need to stress over which one: To go “core”: Get Started: Install your Windows Operating system on each of the nodes, but don’t add any features or roles just yet. Each server has a total of 8 NIC’s and they will be used for the following: 1 – Dedicated for management of the nodes, and heartbeat 1 – Dedicated for Hyper-V live migration 2 – To connect to the shared storage appliance directly 4 – For virtual machine network connections We are going multipath I/O to connect to the shared storage appliance.

Because there is no difference in feature set, you can start off with standard and look to move to datacenter if you happen to scale out in the future.

Although I see no purpose in changing editions, you can convert a standard edition installation to datacenter by entering the following command at the command prompt: I have found issues when trying to use a volume license key during the above dism command.

As the popularity of open source grows, it's important to remember that with growth comes complexity and that being involved in open source comes with the mindset that collaboration makes the world a better place.

It's not surprising that men and women value different things in the workplace, but employers aren't necessarily paying attention to the details.

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