Updating firmware how to road runner

When you get the modem installed initially, they give you some default credentials. Using these credentials, you are able to access the device and many of the features that it has to offer you.What you are not able to do is access the menus where you can change how the router is actually configured for internet access, change the master password, or prevent Time Warner from accessing your modem, and subsequently, your network.I believe a firmware update should fix the problem.As I have have a compaq presario notebook that supports only a dvd or diskette drive at one time.

You may need to update the firmware of the multi-function device in order to use Canon Mobile Scanning for Business.

You can find the relevant topics by searching "serial number." 2-2. For LAN connections: For USB connections: If you are connected by a LAN, write down the IP address displayed in the panel.

Switching the Multi-Function Device to Download Mode 1) From the menu on the operation panel, select [System Management Settings] → press [OK].2) Select [Update Firmware] → press [OK].3) Select [Via PC] → press [OK].4) In the "Update firmware? You will need to enter it when performing the next operation from the PC (Windows/Mac).2-3.

How can I update the dvd rom firmware as I can't use the diskette drive at the same time as the dvd rome drive?

The firmware I have can't be executed from windows. Besides the pc bios doesn't support booting from external USB drive which could be an option.

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