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This is the most important step in the upgrade process!The verification process involves making sure you can see the backup files on your local computer (or wherever you've stored them) and that you can navigate into any sub-folders.That said, if you have a large site, the upgrade process may take longer than expected, in which case an incremental approach may help.Just remember to retain a backup of a working site so that you always have a fallback position.Please note that Word Press 3.7 introduced an easy to use one-button updater which will take you directly to 4.9.1.This update step is safe, and it is possible to one-click update from 3.7 to any later version. All of your Word Press data, such as Users, Posts, Pages, Links, and Categories, are stored in your My SQL database.

See Using File Zilla and Uploading Word Press to a remote host for detailed guidelines in using an FTP Client to upload. If you have custom changes to the default theme, those changes will need to be reviewed and installed after the upgrade.

The same FTP client you use for uploading can be used to delete files and folders.

If your FTP client does not appear to permit you to delete non-empty folders, check the available options for your FTP client.

Please read Backing Up Your Database for a detailed explanation of this process.

It is extremely important to back up your database before beginning the upgrade.

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