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Update: Minor corrections have made to this BC Update to more accurately describe the form of the Commission’s action, and clarify some other wording.

The Commerce Commission stated in that compliance advice letter that J‐Frame laminated veneer lumber, manufactured by Juken New Zealand Limited (JNL): is about labelling and makes no judgment about the durability and performance characteristics of Juken's J‐Frame product or whether it is fit for purpose.

Remember to change the codes in blue according to your database and your GUI.

Jul 23, 2013 This blog post is about using Java Observable class and Observer interface using a Swing GUI based example.

To do this add the following codes after/below the line - j Text Field1Text(""); j Text Field2Text(""); j Text Field3Text(""); j Text Field4Text(""); j Text Field5Text(""); j Text Field6Text(""); j Text Field7Text(""); JOption Message Dialog(null, "Table LIBRARY Updated! 6 On Delete button's 7 Here also I have used a JOption Pane to show a message to the user that the row was successfully deleted.

The class creates an Observable object and adds (or registers) the Main Window as an Observer (to the Observable).This class extends Observable; has a method to notify (or inform) of (the data) changes in this.The Observer object (Main Window) is informed of any changes to this.This class starts the application; displays the two GUI windows. The example code Example App is listed at the end of this post.This is informed of changes in a Observable object (and, can receive notifications from multiple Observable objects).

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