Updating nintendo ds

When Nintendo posted its last update for the portable, its anti-piracy measures lasted for four months before hackers discovered a new workaround.

Gamers can continue to use their flashcarts with their DSis to play homebrew titles (and commercial games, which we advise against/disapprove) so long as they do not connect their system online and download/install the update.

Wichtig: Um ein Systemupdate vorzunehmen, muss Ihr Nintendo DSi Zugang zum Internet haben.

Nintendo says, “Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience”.

The keyword here is "almost," because there's one area where the 3DS can't quite compare to the DS: playing DS games.

Nintendo has kept its long-standing tradition of handheld software backwards compatibility with the 3DS.

We recommend you only buy the original, genuine R4i 3DS card from reputable vendors.

Nintendo has updated the Nintendo DSi and Wii to block users’ access to homebrew and pirated games – while the company routinely releases similar Wii “upgrades”, the last time it put out new DSi firmware was in August 2009.

Also make sure you are connected to your Wi Fi network so that the upgrade will actually download correctly.

The update will take between 5 and 8 minutes to complete.

After selecting ‘Upgrade’ you’ll notice the screen tell you what your current firmware is (in the screenshot below it shows 143 because the DSi was already updated before the photo was taken, but on most consoles it will show 142) and what the newer firmware is.

Before clicking “Start”, make sure your console is plugged in, because if you lose power during the R4i upgrade process you will damage the R4i card, possibly permanently.

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