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Speaking about the decision to cast him, Phelps told TV Guide that the casting department were seeing several actors for the role, and the thought of Burton was "just a dream". This is crazy, but I'm just so happy to have the best of both worlds for my family, because before, I couldn't." Burton was happy with the flexibility of his "short term" contract, "I'll get a lot of long weekends and frequent weeks off so I can get back to Nashville.She then contacted his manager and together they were "able to make it work out so that Steve could continue to have the life he wants in Nashville." Discussing his decision to join The Young and the Restless, Burton said on The Talk, "I told my manager if I can keep my family there and I can spend time with them and come back and forth, I would do that in a second. I don't want to work five days a week like I did at GH", he said during a TV Guide interview. It was important to shake the leather coat and black t-shirt and do my hair different, because I know people are always going to see me as Jason." Burton revealed that Dylan is "a lot more" like himself.

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Egan described the character's decision to keep the child's paternity a secret as a "ticking time bomb".

After one of the show's co-hosts Julie Chen made the announcement of his casting and welcomed Burton to the CBS family, confetti dropped while another co-host Sheryl Underwood did a "wild happy dance".

Burton said, "I had no idea about the CBS badge or the welcome basket, or anything. I understood why CBS did it, because it’s a big deal. It’s so strange for me, because I have never been one for all this publicity.

Dylan Mc Avoy is a fictional character from the American soap opera, The Young and the Restless, portrayed by Steve Burton. He is initially involved in a story arc involving Avery Bailey Clark (Jessica Collins), his former lover who believes he died during the war in Afghanistan.

Avery is stunned by Dylan's return, but remains in a relationship with Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow).

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