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Rule #89: Know something about the place you say you are from, whether be from another US state or another country. For some reason, England, Germany or even New Hampshire seem to work. I went to the wedding of a friend who married a Brazilian chick. I had a great time at the wedding I did go to but was too clueless to put two and two together and go to other weddings. Either that, or the writers didn't know how to satirize the rich beyond making the sweet-looking granny rant about her "homo" grandson, etc. A guest from wedding number one, just might wander over to wedding number two just to take a quick peek.Master the accents convincingly, and you've nailed them! area where this movie is set and there is a lot of truth to it. At the wedding and reception there were a lot of hot Brazilian chicks who were relatives and friends of the bride. I swear I wished I knew about these rules when living as a single guy in the D. (No, I've never done it) Either that, or the writers didn't know how to satirize the rich beyond making the sweet-looking granny rant about her "homo" grandson, etc. I mean there is a sweet looking elderly grandma and she yells very UN-PC things. Oh and that stuff about Eleanor Roosevelt being a lesbian was hilarious as well.

We need to have Clemenza crash several weddings, using these rules, and then report back on how he made out. 'Old School' was good, but that was because of Will Ferrell. 'Swingers' was a good movie, but beyond that, whenever he's the lead in a movie, it sucks (see 'Dodgeball'). All materials posted herein are protected by copyright law and the exemption for fair use of copyrighted works.

As we met in 11th grade english class and jeremy grey vince vaughn as much.

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Vince Vaughn has said that it was an “inside joke” on the set, and since it “sounded” funny, it stuck.

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