Wanted mr right dating advice for women review guide

What does Ali Binazir, MD bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?It felt like I was hearing from a guy friend or relative, which I liked.I have lots of dating/relationship books on my bookshelf, but this is probably the only one I wouldn't be a little embarrassed to have someone see me reading. By just listening to this information you miss out on too much information.The author could fix this by creating supplemental materials or doing Whispersync.They either couldn't find the right guy, were with the wrong guy, had relationships that didn't last, or had given up on dating entirely. With a high-powered career, it may seem that there just isn't time for love.And nowadays, lots of guys are less educated and affluent than you. Ancient Wisdom Modern Science = Lasting Love & Happiness For You This book combines ancient wisdom with modern science to give smart, successful women like yourself a heart-centered, science-based, practical guide to finding fulfillment in your love lives - and far beyond.

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I especially liked the 100% non-judgmental tone of the book and the feeling of open-mindedness I sensed was behind the intent of the book.2 of 2 people found this review helpful I liked the focus on reclaiming the divine feminine.The turn-off for me was in the last third of the book.."how to." I am a grown woman & interested in a relationship with a grown man, not a boy whose "fragile ego" (author's words) I need to be careful not to harm, & whose ego I should manipulate with my divine feminine ways.He conveyed a depth of caring that moved me and renewed my faith that good men do exist.Which character – as performed by Ali Binazir, MD – was your favorite?

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