Who is cory kennedy dating

Update Friday June 10th from Ken: Thanks to Derek, Jennifer, Scott and the rest of the folks at IMC for helping me out and calling me, it's much appreciated.

You guys are like my family far away in all this, connected by a common thread. Corey was the guy who made me successful, was always the light in a dark room Was always in the background, the guy who inspired every thing I've done on the internet for 4 years.

But it also felt awful to be so alone for the first time in decades, and to have wrecked my life by making such a terrible mistake. I also had to adjust to single life at the age of 50.

At first I didn’t know what to do with myself - I missed the big house and garden, and I hated living in one room, and sleeping on a sofa bed. So when, six months later, a friend recommended that I go internet dating, I thought it seemed like a good idea.

While many married people occasionally daydream about running off with an exciting stranger, I followed through on that fantasy when I left my marriage of 18 years for a man I’d met just twice.

But anyone thinking about leaving their spouse should heed my cautionary tale.

It must have cost him a fortune, but he was very interested in what I was doing.

But it made it clear everything had changed irrevocably for us both, and the sooner I filed for divorce, the better. They were worried about me, of course, and had all been so supportive when I left Malcolm.Some asked me what had taken me so long, but they were shocked by my immediately moving in with another man.So I cut myself off from all of them, ignored their calls, and threw myself into work. I was deeply unhappy and completely isolated, living with a man I barely knew and barely liked, hundreds of miles away from family and friends, trying to adapt to a strange and awful new existence.It's been difficult to think about talking about Corey, it's still a loss that's with me, and I am at a loss, for what to say.I know that Corey motivated me to be successful on the internet, as he did for so many of you as well, and I work to try and carry on, to apply all of what I've learned from him, to help others.

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