Who is hailee steinfeld dating

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Hailee Steinfeld, just 20-year-old and already an Academy Award nominee, does not need that in her life Let it be known for once and for all that she is not dating Justin Bieber, not now, not ever.

Talk of the would-be pairing picked up steam when TMZ reported that the two have been together for about a month, with the outlet even giving them a meet-cute in which they were introduced by the pastor at the church they supposedly both attend.

The story quickly spread, as a match-up of two of young Hollywood's inner sanctum was bound to do, but in a twist, the truth got in the way of a good scoop: Steinfeld and Bieber are just friends. We've been friends for years." Indeed, if Steinfeld's words weren't confirmation enough, it seems that little about the initial rumor holds true.

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It looks like Justin Bieber might have found himself some new company.

While Bieber will surely find an Olive Garden dining partner of his own one day, it looks like Steinfeld isn't it.

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Listen to the snippet of Hailee denying the relationship with Justin in the interview below.

After those photos, the reports started circulating and a source was even quoted as saying that they were a couple. Hailee made her public debut with her boyfriend Cameron Smoller earlier this year at the , and he had recently posted a selfie of them on Instagram the same day as the gala confirming they were still a couple.

Imagine just how awkward that was for them to deal with?

Justin was photographed inside of a car seemingly Facetiming Hailee, who he met after being reconnected by their mutual pastor from their church, Carl Lentz.

This is not the first time they met, since Hailee is part of the Taylor Swift squad with Justin's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and the trio has actually been photographed together in the past. If this report is actually true, things could get a bit messy since the two girls are known to be friendly in the past and part of the same clique.

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