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It was just two months ago when he auditioned in New York. Her performance of “The Cup Song” didn’t land her a golden ticket to Hollywood but she stayed on to support Nick while he sang “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel.

Yanni G (aka Ariana Gavrilis) hasn’t given up on her singing career.

Olsen: Let me begin by thanking you for your time Yanni.

For the benefit of every concertgoer; can you tell us about any changes you have planned this year, and what attendees will experience during a live concert event in 2014?

It is widely known your yearly concert schedule, with consistently sold out concert venues is demanding to say the least. But I have to say the watch I got for my first birthday [dating him] with an engraved back. What is the most important life lesson he has taught you? Our friend Henrik in Marbella—he’s a super guy and I think Jon looks up to him a lot. When my schedule is too hectic I always think of that and it makes me feel better.Now that the writing process is almost done, I am ready to pour my heart and soul into recording and I need your help! We’re hoping one of those anonymous donors was Nick!Yani Tseng just wants to feel comfortable on the golf course again. It became a workplace, a factory where she felt as if she were expected to produce a quota of great shots with late Sunday deadlines always pressing in on her.

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