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I think we’ve managed to get the balance right between a unique underground feel and a feeling of accessibility for everyone.We think creating that balance has been key our success.On the Saturday night of Halloween, just take a walk along Midosuji, check out the Dotonbori, or explore Amemura and it’s famous meeting point, Triangle Park, and you’ll witness thousands of people parading the streets in costume.Like no other time of the year, Halloween in Japan has become an awesome night to get into costume and go crazy until morning.

However, Rampage outdoes other events due to the unique and genuine of the experience it has to offer the guests.

We’d always go out of our way to source interesting props – stuff that we could reappropriate into a Halloween setting that would suit the vibe we wanted to create.

I remember in our 2nd year when we moved to club Triangle I got my hands on some 100-year-old “Shoji” (Japanese styled) doors and used that theming to build a Japanese style haunted house around the DJ booth.

Each year we’ve taken a slightly different angle, carefully growing the party, building the Rampage culture and vibe and switching venues to keep things fresh.

We’ve moved from Onzieme to Triangle, to Absinthe, Vano, Big Step West and then East and now to our current venues Rooftop bar OO and Alzar in the new Japan hotel in Namba.

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